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We are evolving the way the world moves
NextNow Africa is providing a platform to meet and share pleasant travel.

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Choose your next destination now with our cabs at your service.

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Personalise Ride Experience

You can choose a favorite driver if your driver is in proximity. A gender-specific ride with the gender driver of your choice.

Schedule Your Ride

Ride now or schedule a ride for later or multiple destinations.

Trust is Everything

We believe trust is a currency in the sharing economy. Your safety and trip experience is our priority. Hence we take additional steps to ensure we select the best and professional drivers.

Choice of Car

You can choose the vehicle type of your choice that matches your next ride all in one app. You can pay with either credit you have earned, received, or via credit card or cash.

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Offers for Drivers and Riders

(*the offer is valid until 31st May 2021)



Car classes and rates

We are one of the fastest-growing companies that aim to transform how South Africa does business.

For Professional Verified Drivers in Business

A truly African platform that
allows you to drive and create
a predictable and reliable

No Mask, No Shield, No Ride

Our riders and drivers are required to wear face masks or shields
as health protocol against the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Ride Safe, Stay

Riders must also agree to sanitising to make every ride safe and pleasant. No mask, no ride – driver or rider can cancel the trip if the regulation is not adhered to.

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